15 things that define a Champion WordPress Website

15 things that define a Champion WordPress Website

A Champion WordPress Website is different to other websites because it streaks ahead of the competition and helps you build your business.

A Champion Website:

  • Brings you more traffic
  • Converts more prospects into customers
  • Makes it easier to sell to your prospects
  • Works for you 24/7 * 365

To get a Champion WordPress Website you need a vision. You need goals. And you need a plan. This blog is going to help you put these in place, so that you can get a Champion WordPress Website that delivers far more to you and your customers than you ever thought possible.

But like many things in life, you get out of it what you put into it. That’s why we’re going into training. The first step is to understand what a Champion WordPress Website is.

What does a Champion WordPress Website look like and how does it behave?

How a champion website looks and behaves is defined by you.

So for one business it might be an online shop, for another it might be a tool to build credibility, for another it might be a funnel to increase the number of prospects who contact you.

To be Champion, your website needs to

  1. Clearly communicate your unique selling proposition at a glance

    A visitor to your website must understand that they are in the right place in five seconds or less

  2. Be incredible easy to use

    Ease of use trumps clever design, any day. People are short on time and attention, so you need to give them what they want quickly and easily

  3. Solve your website visitors’ problems

    People come to your website trying to solve a problem. Make it easy for them to take an action that solves their problem

  4. Offer outstanding value

    Give away the family jewels, give away all or your trade secrets. Let the cat out of the bag. Help people solve their problems, and they will think kindly of you. Apart from being nice to people, this strategy builds your trust and authority. Online and offline, trust and authority sell.

  5. Be mobile responsive

    30-50% of all website traffic is from mobile devices now. So if your website is not easy to use and navigate on mobile phones, then you are making it hard for people. See point #2

  6. Provide a regular stream of high quality, high value content

    Your Champion Website is your platform to spread your message, engage with people and build your tribe. Write blog posts, video yourself, start a podcast. Do anything – just get your message out there, deliver outstanding value and help people.

  7. Provide analytics and statistics for you to make business decisions

    A Champion Website has Google Analytics and Google Webmasters setup and collecting information about visitors to your site, and the search terms they are using to find you.

  8. Integrate with social media

    You can do things like embedding a Facebook Like Box in your sidebar and providing easy access to sharing on Twitter and Facebook. You also need the correct code in your page header so that Facebook chooses the right image when your content gets shared on social media.

  9. Feed out to your email marketing lists

    Use your blog posts to feed your email list. Keep people informed about what you do. Stay in touch. People may not open every email that you send them, but a good portion of them will open them most of the time.

  10. Have excellent Search Engine Optimisation

    People trust the results on the first page of Google. Google have changed their algorithm to mimic a human. Matt Cutts, the head of Google search has repeatedly said that the best SEO you can do it to provide regular content that provides outstanding value to your readers.

  11. Improve your conversion rate

    When you are getting traffic to your site, you need to convert them to prospects. This means getting their name and email. How can you improve the conversion on your home page, or landing page?

  12. Grows your prospect database

    What valuable downloads, offers or competitions can you give in exchange for people handing over their personal details to you?

  13. Help turn your customers into raving fans

    Your content on your website can provide some much value to your users. For example, we call our help section the Nuttify Re-eduction camp. We have over 300 articles to help you get the most out of your Champion Website. How can you make it easy for your customers to get the help they need, and solve their problems?

  14. Automate parts of your business to free you up to focus on higher value activities

    Job applications, auto responders, downloads, FAQs – there are so many ways that you can automate your processes through your website and linked services.

  15. Build the value of your business everyday

    Your website is the one thing that everyone checks before they choose to do business with you. By having a Champion website – you make a more persuasive case for why people should choose you, thus increasing your sales, and increasing the value of your business.

Why do you need a Champion WordPress Website?

People are getting more and more savvy online. And their attention is getting shorter, and competition for their attention is increasing. We live in an information economy, and there is an endless stream of information coming at us all from email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. Your Champion Website must cut through the clutter, captivate and engage your visitors and convert them to customers.

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