Website speed – why it matters

Website speed – why it matters

We’ve just been moving a client’s site from one hosting provider into the Nuttify Cloud. They were unhappy with their existing hosting. While doing this job I could see why they might be less than happy. Page load times on the old server were poor.

Let me illustrate my point.

The Other Server

  • The other server, first load - 24 seconds

    The other server, first load – 24 seconds

  • Other Server, second load - 6 seconds

    Other Server, second load – 6 seconds

Nuttify Cloud

  • Nuttify Cloud First Load - 17 seconds

    Nuttify Cloud First Load – 17 seconds

  • Nuttify Cloud - Second Load 3 seconds

    Nuttify Cloud, second Load – 3 seconds

What do these image show?

When a web page first loads your browser downloads all of the elements in the page. The example above has a front page of a website with about 10 large slider images. So the first time the page loads it’s going to be slow – no matter who’s server it is on. However – Nuttify Cloud beats the other host by almost 7 seconds.

Once the page is downloaded, generally the browser stores copies of the images and other page elements in a local cache – so the next page load will be faster. In this case the other server delivered the page in 6 seconds and the Nuttify Cloud. delivered the page in 3 seconds. In each case – the load time to “onload” is what’s important.

Page speed matters

It mostly matters for your users – i.e. the people visiting your website – who might want to buy something from you. Providing a fast page load will make them less impatient and more likely to stick around on your site for longer. And, while the full impact of page load times on your search ranking in Google’s index is unclear, the overall benefit to your users and your business from a fast website will become apparent.

So if you care about your customers and website visitors then we recommend getting a fast reliable host – like Nuttify Cloud.

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