Make it easy for people to contact you

Make it easy for people to contact you

My family and I love camping. We just went camping over the Easter break down at beautiful Cape Conran. A  year ago I needed to buy a trailer to make our camping trips easier. I’d been putting off the purchase for a good 12 months, but had decided that I was definitely going to buy a trailer, because it was so difficult to pack everything onto our little car.

So there I am, it’s Monday morning, I should be working. But we are going camping on the weekend and I’ve got to get this trailer. I’ve already been shopping a little. I’d been to Blackburn Trailers to check out their offerings – which, coincidently is in Ringwood East, and should serve as a lesson to us all:

#1 Don’t name your business after a location

I thought that I would shop around. A friend told me that there was a cheap trailer place nearby, so I went to take a look at their merchandise. I drove over and discovered that they were so cheap that they’d gone out of business. Which brings us the second business lesson for the day:

#2 There is always someone willing to go out of business faster than you.

“Dang it. I should be at work, not shopping for trailers”, I thought.

So I pulled out my phone and Googled a third trailer place (it was about 20 minutes drive away) and I thought that if I could call them and ask what their prices were, then I’d drive down, take a look, and perhaps buy one there.

I found their website.

  • Strike 1: Oh no! Their website is not mobile optimised.  So I pinch and zoom and see that their phone number is in their header. “Great!” I think to myself. So I try to touch the phone number to initiate a call.
  • Strike 2: Oh no! the phone number is embedded in an image – it’s not even text. I can’t select and copy it, and my phone doesn’t know it’s a phone number.

Memory is unreliable

So I attempt to commit the phone number to memory, and exit the browser to make a phone call. I start putting in the number. 9387 ….. “What was the number?” I think to myself.

I jump back to Safari and read the number (embedded in an image) and try to memorise it again. I go back to the phone app and try to finish punching in the number

9387 34…

What were the last two digits?

At this point the following thought process kicked in:

  1. I’m meant to be my desk building websites, or calling clients – basically generating money. This is costing me money. I’m in a hurry.
  2. Blackburn Trailers is just around the corner and I know what their prices are. They are slightly more expensive than their competitors, but their trailers a good quality and they have a good reputation.
  3. I could drive down to this other shop, but it would take another hour (round trip) which is worth somewhere between $35–$150 to me right now. Which is probably the biggest saving I could make by travelling there.

So what did I do?

  1. Did I try a third time to memorise their number and get the last two digits?
  2. Did I waste an hour of my life driving down to the other trailer lot and back, or
  3. Did I drive 5 minutes down the road and purchase the trailer that I knew was available right now, quickly and easily?

You guessed it

Because the other trailer shop did not have a responsive website with a touchable phone number they lost a sale of nearly $1000 dollars. And they will never know.

How many contacts and sales are you loosing because it’s not easy to contact you through your website on any device?

You need touchable phone numbers in your Champion Website header

We add a touchable phone number to the header of almost every Champion Website that the Nuttify web squirrels build.

Like on Take a look at this website on your phone (1/2 of you are already on your phones), and you will see that the phone number is a touchable link.

When viewed on desktop devices the phone number is plain text. This is because we use a link called the “tel:” link and it is not yet an accepted web standard, so Firefox doesn’t treat it correctly, and will link to an error page. Which is poor user experience.

When you touch our number on your phone, it will popup a dialogue asking if you want to call us. Go ahead, try this on your phone and  give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

1300 688 4391300 688 439


With 30–50% of your traffic coming from mobile devices, it is critical to have a touchable phone number in the header of every page on your mobile responsive Champion Website.

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