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Champion Blog Posts

  • Your website is yourprimary marketing tool get found with a champion website

    Your Champion Website is Your Primary Online Marketing Tool

    Globally, there are almost 2.8 billion people online, or 39% of the world’s population. In Australia there are over 18 million people online, or 83% of the population (as of 2014). And it’s only going to get bigger. If you want to grow your business you need to get your message to your target market. Where […]

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  • Website-not-rendering-properly---Google-Chrome

    WordPress weirdness in Google Chrome

    Google has recently added a new bug feature in Google Chrome that has made some websites start acting strangely. Symptoms of this change include: Site not rendering properly (no stylesheets, missing images and media) Infinite redirect loops leading to your website not loading. Never Fear, the Squirrels are Here If you have been experience this on […]

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  • win-a-free-$5000-website-540-x-292

    Win a $5000 Champion Website

    That’s right! Nuttify are giving away a Champion Website to one lucky business, not-for-profit, or person. If you need to upgrade your website to Champion status then enter now: Win a Champion Website Worth $5000 Competition Terms and Conditions Competition only open to Australian Residents Competition open to new Nuttify customers only – for existing customers […]

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  • snuff puppets singapore 50 nuttify champion websites

    The Snuff Puppets Went Viral. Here’s How Nuttify helped.

    The Snuff Puppets are not scary. They are really fun and great people, as well. Nuttify helped the Snuff Puppets by redesigning their website last year, and are hosting it on our Nuttify Cloud service. The Snuff Puppets were engaged to perform in Singapore for the 50th Anniversary of Independence. The Australian High Commission Singapore engaged […]

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  • WordPress Melbourne Web Design Champion Content

    Your website is not about you

    First of all, I want to dispel a common myth. Your website is not about you. I cannot stress this enough. When someone visits your website they don’t care about you, or your business. What they want to know is: how can they solve their problem – right now. Your website is about your users. All of your website […]

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  • Tamias_striatus_CT

    Developing a Vision for your Champion Website

    What do you want to achieve in life and business? You get out of life what you put in to it. When you get clarity about what you want you are more likely to get it. There’s an old saying that “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. So lets start planning by clarifying a vision […]

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  • Buffer-logo

    Using Buffer to simplify your social media

    Buffer is a social media content management tool. Ironically, I didn’t learn about it online. I went to an event where the three speakers spoke about Buffer in an extremely positive light. I can now confirm that Buffer is an awesome tool that helps you manage your social media content. This is the gist of what […]

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  • nuttify-champion-websites-content

    Why you need Champion Content

    In this blog post we are going to talk about why you need Champion content on your website that is published regularly and is easy to share on Social Media. There is no doubt in my mind that Champion Content is the way to market you business in the 21st century. Let me explain why. For the last […]

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  • 15-things-champion-website-nuttify

    15 things that define a Champion Website

    A Champion Website is different to other websites because it streaks ahead of the competition and helps you build your business. A Champion Website: Brings you more traffic Converts more prospects into customers Makes it easier to sell to your prospects Works for you 24/7 * 365 To get a Champion Website you need a […]

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  • champion-website-touchable-phone-number-make-easy-contact

    Make it easy for people to contact you

    My family and I love camping. We just went camping over the Easter break down at beautiful Cape Conran. A  year ago I needed to buy a trailer to make our camping trips easier. I’d been putting off the purchase for a good 12 months, but had decided that I was definitely going to buy […]

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  • the_art_of_being_easy_champion_website

    The art of being easy

    Once upon a time, marketing was all about selling. It was about putting your products centre stage and extolling their virtues. It was about differentiating your products or services from those of your competition. It was about creating an offer that is compelling and irresistible to your target market. Those days are gone. Today people […]

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  • nuttify-MSE-awards_blog_post_400x400

    Nuttify are finalists in the Melbourne South East Business Awards 2014

    Nuttify are proud to be finalists in the 2014 Melbourne South East Business Awards. The 2014 Melbourne’s South East Business Awards is the premier business awards recognition program in the south east region of Melbourne covering 10 council municipalities. At a Gala Dinner and Awards presentation on 9 May, an expected audience of 300 representatives […]

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What are the benefits?


You have freedom

We build on the most popular web publishing platform ever. It’s called WordPress, and is serving more websites than any other content management system on the planet.
Nuttify eCommerce solutions

Increase sales

By making it easy to purchase through your website you can dramatically increase sales
Nuttify email Marketing

Stay in touch with your customers

Nuttify helps you stay “top of mind” with regular email campaigns. We setup your Mailchimp account and integrate it with your forms on your website and set up a feed to your email list.

Get social

Nuttify helps you get better connected on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and other social networks.
The Nuttify web developer minions

This website is about you

Your website is about how you can help your customer right now! We help you get your unique selling point across in 5 seconds and increase your sales

Make contacting you easier

By providing a touchable phone number in your header we make it easy for customers to contact you from their smart phones. By providing an easy to use online sales system, we give you the tools to increase your profits.

Give people what they want

When someone lands on your website they want to know that they are in the right place and you can solve their problem.
Nuttify helps you work smarter

Work smarter

Using forms with email notifications we make it easy for your customers to interact with you online.

You are in control

You’ve got full control over the content on your site, from any internet ready device 24/7. You will feel confident that you can edit your site without fear of breaking it.